Plasma Etch offers a full line of inexpensive plasma cleaners including the PE-25, PE-50, PE-50XL, and the PE-75 systems.

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Plasma Etch Industries Select the industries your company specializes in to see which plasma system will work best for you.

Printed Circuit Board Cleaning Our plasma cleaning systems provide reliable plasma cleaning including desmearing and etchback of printed circuit boards prior to electroless and through hole plating. Our plasma cleaners eliminate the problems associated with wet chemicals and acids.
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Flip Chip Plasma Cleaning Our flip chip customers rely on our plasma cleaners not only to ensure the ultimate pull and shear strength in wire bonding, but also to improve encapsulate flow and bond by increasing the surface energy of the lead frame or BGA package. Plasma cleaning / plasma reactive ion etching can greatly augment adhesion results.
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Connector Plasma CleaningOur connector manufacturer customers enjoy the quick and easy plasma cleaning preparation prior to bonding metal to plastic assemblies, reducing hand priming and de-burring for a superior product. This results in a pristine plasma clean surface free of contaminants and oxides, enabling a high surface energy bonding site to adhere.
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Medical Device Plasma CleaningOur medical device manufacturers delight in the ease of bonding dissimilar polymers, such as silicon and Teflon (PTFE) to metals like Gold, Titanium, and Nitinol, for the preparation of implanting modern medical devices in the human body. Plasma systems increase surface energy which removes contamination with excellent results.
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Semiconductor Plasma CleaningThe semiconductor industry, government research labs, and universities are using our reactive ion etching systems (RIE) to quickly strip resist and plasma clean other contamination from wafers up to 300mm. Other applications for our plasma systems include anisotropic (directional) reactive ion etching to form MEMS.
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About Plasma Etch, Inc.

Plasma Etch has satisfied customers worldwide for over 30 years by designing and manufacturing quality plasma cleaning, plasma etching, plasma stripping, plasma ashing, and RIE (Reactive Ion Etch) systems. We offer affordable systems with advanced, patented features only available at Plasma Etch.

Popular Plasma Cleaning Systems

Pe-100 | Compact Benchtop System

Pe-100 Plasma Cleaner
The PE-100 is a complete system with a vacuum pump designed to be reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow smaller facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology.   Learn More...
Pe-200 | Industrial Benchtop System

Pe-200 Plasma Cleaner
The PE-200 is our industrial strength benchtop plasma etching system supplied with an oxygen service vacuum pump. Developed for busy manufacturing firms that cannot have downtime.   Learn More...
BT-1 | Industrial Plasma System

BT-1 Plasma Surface Treatment System
The BT-I plasma surface treatment system is one of our most popular and versatile plasma cleaning, plasma etching, and RIE systems. The BT-1 is available in two unique processing configurations.   Learn More...
TT-1 | Turn Table Plasma Etcher

TT-1 Plasma Etcher
TT-1 is a Surface Modification System with a rotating electrode designed to meet the needs of the wire bonding industry. Evenly processes multiple slotted lead frame magazines.   Learn More...
PE-2000R | Reel to Reel Plasma Etcher

PE-2000R Reel to Reel Plasma Etcher
Built as an extension of our MK-II platform, the PE-2000R Roll to Roll plasma system is specially fitted with a continuous feed drive and take up system to accommodate continuous flexible substrates and roll/reel mounted materials. Our Reel-to-Reel plasma system can accept web widths of 2” to 24” with spindle diameters of 10”.  Learn More...
Magna Series | PCB Etching System

Magna Plasma Etching System
Using absolutely no C02, the Magna is the next generation replacement for our time proven MK-II line of systems for desmear and etch back applications. Magna’s revolutionary technology provides faster etch times, lower operating cost, lower power usage, and incredible process uniformity not achievable using existing MK-II type technologies.   Learn More...

Magna SeriesNew Magna Series

To test the Magna's capabilities, send your samples along with this sample processing form to:

Plasma Etch, Inc.
3522 Arrowhead Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89703

Venus Series Plasma Systems 

Venus Plasma Cleaner

Our low cost line of plasma cleaners now offer the Venus upgrade. This upgrade includes:

  1. Mass Flow Controller (MFC)
    System includes one MFC with the option of accommodating up to two more MFCs.
  2. PC/Laptop Controller
    The PLC control system is replaced with a PC controller that offers fully automatic system control and process sequencing capabilities. Our proprietary software enables advanced features such as multiple recipe storage, data logging/trending, events/alarms and multi-step sequencing.
  3. Available on the PE-25, PE-50, PE-50XL, and PE-75.

Rent a Plasma System

Our low cost line of plasma cleaners can now be rented on a month-to-month basis. Systems must be rented for a minimum of 3 months.

Rent a PE-25PE-25
PE-25 (LF): $585/Month
PE-25 (HF): $775/Month

Rent a PE-50PE-50
PE-50 (LF): $725/Month
PE-50 (HF): $915/Month

Rent a PE-75PE-75
PE-75 (LF): $840/Month
PE-75 (HF): $1030/Month

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