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Custom Sample Plasma Processing

We realize how difficult research can be and that's why we offer you this FREE service. It's an opportunity for you to test the effects of plasma on your product. It is just one of the many ways we strive to make your job easier. Download the Sample Processing Form.

Free Sample Plasma Processing

Use this opportunity to:

• Verify the Results of our Plasma Etch systems to another manufacturer before making your plasma equipment investment.
• Verify Adhesives improvement to your product.
• Verify Coatings improvement to your product.
• Verify Wire Bond improvement. Conduct some pull tests on the results.
• Verify plasma technology to provide a sterile condition prior to Optical procedures and manufacturing.
• Verify the sealing or adhesion improvements of Medical Devices prior to manufacturing.
• Verify plasma technology to remove your Plastics flash or debris or to improve bonding.

It isn't easy to gain insight into an unknown product, technology or service and we realize the difficulties involved.
Whether it's equipment, parts, supplies or just support, we are there to help in meeting your surface preparation needs.

We ask for nothing except that you pay any postage fees involved and fill out our simple request form.



More About Plasma Etch

Plasma Etch Quick Fact

RF Power Source
R.F. Power is a critical parameter in the plasma process since R.F. Frequency and power levels directly effect processing rates. Plasma Etch, Inc. manufactures plasma systems with high-frequency R.F. Power (13.56 MHz). This power remains consistent throughout the entire plasma sequence, providing maximum and predictable etch rates.

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