Plasma Etch designs and manufactures durable plasma systems. We offer a wide variety of affordable benchtop and industrial sized systems.

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Vacuum ChambersIndustrial Vacuum Chambers
Plasma Etch, Inc. vacuum chambers are constructed from industrial aluminum. These aluminum chambers are completely safe and do not contaminate nor do they become contaminated by processes or the materials being Plasma treated. Quartz chambers react and etch away posing a potential safety hazard while redepositing this material on the process samples. Stainless steel chambers also react violently to plasma processes, drawing away plasma energy which creates excess heat reducing overall uniformity and speed. Plasma Etch, Inc. discovered that aluminum is the primary material for plasma processing and have fine tuned each and every plasma sequence until total uniformity was achieved across a vast array of materials.

Through extensive research and a close working relationship to many different industries, Plasma Etch, Inc. has invented, developed and now manufactures vacuum chambers with patented features and industry-proven design. These vacuum chambers are made out of durable, aerospace-grade aluminum of the highest quality. Plasma Etch, Inc. equipment features electrostatic shielding which helps generate a high energy, uniform plasma across the electrode surface. This patented feature is unique to the Plasma Etch, Inc. product line.

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