Custom Plasma Cleaning Systems

Since our beginning, Plasma Etch, Inc has worked hand in hand with thousands of customers on the correct design and precise building of plasma cleaning, plasma etching and RIE systems best suited for their needs. As a result, Plasma Etch, Inc. has become a favorite choice go to source when a company desires having a custom built plasma treatment system made for them. We have built and continue to build some incredibly amazing plasma machines unique by specific customer demands and by amazingly creative customer minds.

If you are presently researching plasma systems, please view our complete listing of plasma treatment systems. Look for a system that fits your needs. Chamber size, power, rf, process temperature control, electrostatic shielding, and so on. Please keep in mind, each of these systems come with an array of options. We’ve tried to keep the selection and research configuring process as simple as possible.

If you require a plasma system not offered on our list, a plasma system with new or different enhancements or perhaps new technology, let us know.

We will be honored to work with you and build it for you.

Plasma Etch Advantages

The utility and flexibility of plasma technology systems from the fact that plasma can be used to modify a variety of surfaces under precisely controlled conditions, without the safety hazards and liquid waste associated with wet cleaning and etching. If effective surface treatment is critical to the efficiency of a process or the reliability of a product, plasma technology may provide the answer.

Plasma etching technology is being used to remove organic and inorganic contamination, increase wettability, increase bond strength, and remove residue. The process is effective on a variety of materials used in an even greater variety of products.

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