Plasma Cleaning Systems

For the last 30 years, Plasma Etch, Inc. has developed cutting-edge technology that makes our plasma cleaning systems so advanced. Offering patented features that are available exclusively to our customers, Plasma Etch strives to be the leader in plasma technology.

Whether you're looking for a smaller, more affordable system like the PE-25, or an industrial size system like the PE-200 for larger applications, Plasma Etch, Inc. will help you find the best system to suit your needs.

Why Buy Our Plasma Cleaning Systems?

PE-25 Plasma Cleaner

PE-25-JW | Benchtop Plasma Surface Cleaner

The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-25-JW is our lowest priced plasma cleaner. This durable machine produces consistent, repeatable results every time.

PE-50 Plasma Cleaner

PE-50 | Benchtop Plasma Surface Cleaner

The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-50 is one of our lowest priced plasma cleaners, though it offers many features not found in competitive units. This plasma cleaner is made for smaller production facilities, research and development labs, testing facilities and universities.

PE-50XL Plasma Cleaner

PE-50XL | Benchtop Plasma Cleaner

The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-50 XL has all the features as the PE-50, however it comes with a 8” w x 9” d x 4” h chamber for those looking to process larger applications.

PE-75 Plasma Cleaner

PE-75 | Benchtop Plasma Cleaner

The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-75 is our largest entry level plasma system, and it offers many features not found in competitive units. The PE-75 has all the features of the PE-50-XL, but comes with a larger chamber size.

PE-100 Plasma Cleaner

PE-100 | Benchtop Plasma Cleaning System

The PE-100 is a complete plasma cleaning system / Reactive Ion Etching system with vacuum pump designed to be robust and reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow startup companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology.

PE-200 Plasma Cleaner

PE-200 | Benchtop Plasma Cleaning System

The PE-200 is an industrial strength Plasma cleaning system complete with oxygen service vacuum pump. Robust and reliable yet quite affordable for the up and coming manufacturing firm. The all aluminum chamber features a generously sized active processing surface with over 500 square inches of usable process area.

BT-1 Plasma Cleaner

BT-1 | Reactive Ion Etching System

The BT-1 is a complete industrial solution to medium to large scale surface activation and processing with Plasma. The large all aluminum chamber accommodates a generously sized active processing surface and as with our standard configuration of five levels of electrodes, provides you with 2100 square inches of useable surface activation area.

BT-Tumbler Batch Surface Activation System

BT-Tumbler | Batch Surface Activation System

The BT-Tumbler is a plasma processing system with an end loading rotating horizontal drum electrode in a large all aluminum chamber. It is designed to allow uniform plasma treatment of bulk loaded items, such as small hard to handle plastic.

TT-1 Plasma Cleaner

TT-1 | Turn Table Plasma Etcher

TT-1 is a Surface Modification System having a rotating electrode designed to meet the needs of the wire bonding industry having the capacity to evenly process multiple slotted lead frame magazines. The large all aluminum chamber accommodates a generously sized circular, rotating active processing surface has the option of insulated or direct on electrode method of treatment.

MK-II Plasma Cleaner

MK-II | Industrial Plasma Etching System

The MK-II is the choice of discerning operators, in the PCB industry, offering you repeatability, reliability and long life, as well as low maintenance with your plasma treatment system. Over the years we have refined and perfected the use of plasma in the processing of printed circuit boards and have pioneered many new plasma treatment processes.

MK-III Plasma Cleaning System

MK-III | High Production Plasma System

MK-III is our MK-II times two.. but not twice the footprint. If you need serious production throughput, this system is for you with its dual chambers with 24 levels in each, you can run both chambers simultaneously or by themselves. Built as an extension of our MK-II platform, the MK-III is the choice of discerning engineers.

PE-2000R Plasma Cleaner

PE-2000R | Roll to Roll / Reel to Reel Plasma Etcher

The PE-2000R Roll to Roll plasma system is specially fitted with a continuous feed drive and take up system to accommodate continuous flexible substrates and roll/reel mounted materials. Our Reel-to-Reel plasma system can accept web widths of 2” to 24” with spindle diameters of 10”.

Magna PCB Etching System

Magna | Plasma PCB Etching System

The Magna Series is the world’s first truly green plasma etching system to be used in the manufacturing production of PCBs. The new technology inside the Magna eliminates the need for CF4 gas that is presently used by PCB manufacturers using plasma etching systems for desmear and etch back processing.

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