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Entry Level Systems

PE-25 Plasma System
The PE-25 is our lowest cost, entry level option for plasma treatment.
PE-50 Plasma System
The PE-50 is a feature packed, low cost, entry level option for plasma treatment.
PE-50 XL Plasma System
PE-50 XL
The PE-50XL has all the features of the PE-50, but includes a larger processing chamber/electrodes.
PE-75 Plasma System
The PE-75 is our largest compact model with a larger size and feature set than the PE-50XL.

Benchtop Systems

PE-100 Plasma System
The PE-100 is a complete plasma treatment solution - capable of plasma cleaning, etching, reactive ion etching, and more.
PE-200 Plasma System
The PE-200 is our largest benchtop model with considerable processing space and a wide variety of options.

High Volume Systems

BT-1 Plasma System
The BT-1 is a large-scale, full featured plasma processing system suitable for all plasma treatment applications.
BT-Tumbler Plasma System
The BT-Tumbler is a plasma processing system with an end-loading rotating horizontal drum for uniform treatment of bulk loaded items.
TT-1 Plasma System
The TT-1 is a surface modification system with a rotating electrode designed to meet the needs of the wire bonding industry.
PE-2000R Plasma System
The PE-2000R is a Reel-to-Reel plasma processing system fitted with a continuous feed drive to accommodate continuous flexible substrates and roll/reel mounted materials.

High Volume PCB Etching Systems

MK-II Plasma System
The MK-II is a heavy duty plasma processing system with a large processing chamber and up to 24 electrode shelves.
Magna Plasma System
The MAGNA is the pinnacle of plasma technology - able to perform plasma etching with no CF4 gas and an unparalleled degree of uniformity. It is designed for the most demanding plasma etching applications.