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We create a wide range of plasma cleaning systems designed to suit the needs of every industry. Our systems are actively employed in areas of plasma cleaning, plasma etching, and surface modification; as well as reactive ion etching systems. With over 30 years of experience in building plasma systems and collaborating with other companies, we have developed the most effective, cost-efficient plasma treatment systems in the industry.

Every system can be thoroughly customized with a wide range of options to ensure that our clients receive a system that specifically meets the requirements of their application. For clients who have projects that exceed our standard system specifications, we have the capability to design custom systems that will suit their needs. All of our systems are manufactured with the strictest of quality control, in the USA, at our facility located in Carson City, Nevada.

Entry Level Plasma Cleaning Systems

PE-25 Plasma System
The PE-25 is our lowest cost, entry level option for plasma treatment.
PE-50 Plasma System
The PE-50 is a feature packed, low cost, entry level option for plasma treatment.
PE-50 XL Plasma System
PE-50 XL
The PE-50XL has all the features of the PE-50, but includes a larger processing chamber/electrodes.
PE-75 Plasma System
The PE-75 is our largest compact model with a larger size and feature set than the PE-50XL.
Venus Series Plasma Systems
Venus Series
The Venus series includes the Venus-25, Venus-50, Venus-50XL, and Venus-75.

Benchtop Plasma Systems

PE-100 Plasma System
The PE-100 is a complete plasma treatment solution - capable of plasma cleaning, etching, reactive ion etching, and more.
PE-200 Plasma System
The PE-200 is our largest benchtop model with considerable processing space and a wide variety of options.

High Volume Reactive Ion Etching Systems

BT-1 Plasma System
The BT-1 is a large-scale, full featured plasma processing system suitable for all plasma treatment applications.
BT-Tumbler Plasma System
The BT-Tumbler is a plasma processing system with an end-loading rotating horizontal drum for uniform treatment of bulk loaded items.
TT-1 Plasma System
The TT-1 is a surface modification system with a rotating electrode designed to meet the needs of the wire bonding industry.
PE-2000R Plasma System
The PE-2000R is a Reel-to-Reel plasma processing system fitted with a continuous feed drive to accommodate continuous flexible substrates and roll/reel mounted materials.

High Volume PCB Etching Systems

MK-II Plasma System
The MK-II is a heavy duty plasma processing system with a large processing chamber and up to 24 electrode shelves.
Magna Plasma System
The MAGNA is the pinnacle of plasma technology - able to perform plasma etching with no CF4 gas and an unparalleled degree of uniformity. It is designed for the most demanding plasma etching applications.