Plasma Surface Treatments

Treat your products with plasma to increase quality and consistency

Our products offer the ability to alter the surface of a material in order to improve surface energy, bonding, printing, or wettability. Plasma also offers the ability to coat products for waterproofing. Almost any material can be treated with plasma. We manufacture a complete line of products that are commonly used in manufacturing, R&D, and the academic environment.

Plasma Surface Treatment
Plasma surface treatment performed on a PE-100, our most popular system!
All surfaces are contaminated with organics even though the contaminates are usually invisible to the casual observer. These contaminants impact an object’s ability to interact with other materials such as glue or ink. By treating an object's surface with a plasma, we are able to remove organic contaminants.

Organic contaminant removal increases the bond strength of a glue or solder and provides increased reliability for printing. These treatments work well on shiny plastics and rubbers, allowing printing and bonding.

For more detailed information, we have provided information about the various uses of plasma below. We can plasma treat most metals, plastics and rubbers.