Used and Refurbished Plasma Systems

Plasma Etch, Inc. routinely offers various brands of refurbished plasma systems, plasma etchers, plasma cleaners, vacuum pumps, and RF generators. Our inventory of used systems changes frequently, so please use the live chat or contact us to inquire about all available products.

Refurbished PE-25

Pre-Owned Plasma Equipment
  • 1 Gas Input
  • $5,245

Call 775-883-1336 to purchase.

Refurbished PE-50XL

Pre-Owned Plasma Equipment
  • 2 Gas Inputs
  • High Frequency System
  • $11,350

Call 775-883-1336 to purchase.

All of our pre-owned products come with a 90 day warranty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Lab Machines

With the high cost of living, the “pre-owned" market has become increasingly popular in the past few decades. This is true even in the business world. Buying used plasma equipment can save a lot of money, but there are advantages as well as disadvantages.


Cost: The initial purchase is cheaper
It may seem simple but this is the biggest advantage of purchasing used equipment; all of the advantages of used equipment stem from cost and financial benefits. Sometimes however, used equipment won’t save you much and you’re better purchasing new tools.

Depending on the type of equipment you need, and how much you plan to use it, the price difference may make it advantageous to buy used.

Opportunities: Flexibility to purchase more
The opportunity cost of used equipment may be much lower than new, allowing your firm to purchase other needed items right away. Considering the importance of keeping your budget balanced and having the proper tools for the job, used machinery may be a bargain. If you go the new route, you may only be able to purchase or replace a minimal amount of equipment at one time.

By purchasing used and saving money, you’re able buy or replace more of the equipment you use on a daily basis.


Options and accessories
When purchasing new equipment, you have many options to chose from, especially on our larger plasma cleaning systems. By purchasing used items, you might not get exactly what you would purchase new.

Accessories are another consideration; there is a variety of vacuum pumps and other gas related accessories you may need, but it may take a lot of shopping to find a used version of exactly what you want.

It’s more difficult
Purchasing new is easy; simply contact the manufacturer, tell them what you want, and wait for it to arrive. Buying used items takes more effort to search, inspect, compare, and negotiate a fair deal.

We believe there is a place for both new and used equipment. That’s why we sell both and work hard to refurbish the used plasma equipment that we offer.

Maintenance History
You can never be completely sure how meticulously a used unit has been maintained. Has it been calibrated properly as recommended by the manufacturer?

We recommend our clients obtain maintenance records for all used equipment before making a purchasing decision.