Hand-Held Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner

Hand-Held Atmospheric Plasma System

The Hand-Held Atmospheric Plasma System is a semi-portable plasma system with 700 watts of cleaning and activating power, perfect for projects where a large area needs to be activated prior to painting, printing, or bonding.

Mounted on wheels with a retractable handle, this system was designed to allow you to work almost anywhere.

The nozzle is capable of producing plasma up to 1 inch wide with a treatment distance of up to 1.5 inches from the plasma head. Rubber guides are available to make uniform cleaning easy, even on large substrates!

The Hand-Held Atmospheric Plasma System uses a nozzle-type plasma generator to activate surfaces. As with all of our systems, it offers consistent and repeatable results.

The system is fully automated and uses a "dual-trigger" safety system. The first trigger prepares the system for use, while the main trigger activates the plasma nozzle. Almost any surface, large or small, can be treated in almost any well ventilated environment.

The plasma nozzle features a cable and gas line up to 16 feet long, allowing the user to comfortably treat a large substrate. A variety of nozzle heads can be used to suit nearly any application.

This system has an on board air compressor so no input gas is required.

To purchase a Hand-Held Atmospheric Plasma System, please contact us at (775) 883-1336 or email us at sales@plasmaetch.com.

Standard Features

Treatment Distance

10 - 25 mm

Treatment Width

15 - 25 mm

Control System

Dual triggers control the plasma system from the nozzle.

Unit Dimensions

Width: 24", Height: 30" or 43" with handle extended, Depth: 17" including wheels

Unit Weight

80 lbs


700 Watt

Facility Requirements


208 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz, 6 Amps

Input Gas

Compressed air provided by an onboard compressor