Magna Industrial Plasma Desmear System

Magna Plasma Desmear and EtchBack System

The Magna is the world’s first plasma etching system that eliminates the need for CF4 gases used by PCB manufacturers for plasma processing. The Magna sets new standards in several key areas, including faster etch times, lower power usage, and incredible process uniformity not achievable with any other system.

The Magna provides precise, uniform etching simultaneously on both sides of processed materials. The high performance, low operating costs, and environmentally-friendly usage makes the Magna a significant breakthrough in plasma etching technology.

Desmear Capabilities

When circuit boards are manufactured, layers of copper are often sandwiched between layers of polyimide or epoxy (FR4). When these circuit boards are drilled for wire bonding or IC chip installation, the polyimide or epoxy will smear on the copper which can interfere with the electrical connection.

The Magna PCB etching system was designed to remove these contaminants as well as thoroughly clean the copper to allow reliable electrical connections. A clean and smear-free hole is essential to reliably solder wire, IC chips, or other conductive material to the hole.

Plasma etchback not only cleans the residue left behind on the copper by the polyimide or FR4 epoxy by the drilling process, but it also etches away at the polyimide or epoxy material. This allows a multi-surface bonding to the solder or other conductive material.

The material in between layers of copper is etched away by the plasma, allowing solder to contact more of the copper and create a stronger and electrically less resistant connection. Etchback is often used in high grade and military applications.

The process is significantly more accurate than traditional wet chemical cleaning methods. Our plasma products prevent the use of environmentally hazardous waste chemicals and creates no hazardous waste products. This is safer for not only our environment but for lab staff as well.

Plasma Desmear Illustration

To purchase a Magna PCB etching system, please contact us at (775) 883-1336 or email us at If you aren’t ready to purchase a Magna right away, we offer contract services. We are able to perform full functionality testing before your materials are returned to you.

All of our contract services are performed on Plasma Etch equipment by dedicated and experienced operators at our corporate headquarters in Carson City, Nevada.

Standard Features

Electrode Configuration

Carousel (8 panels, 19”x28”)

Advanced Electrode Design Eliminates the Need for CF4 Gases


2000W 13.56MHz Power Supply with Automatic Matching Network

Gas Control

Two 0-500cc Mass Flow Controllers with Low Gas Source Alarms

Control System

Color Touch Screen Computer

Vacuum Pump

Dry Pump/Blower Combo

Chiller for RF Network & Dry Pump Cooling

Chamber Material

6061-T6 Aluminum

Unit Dimensions


Additional Accessories

Signal Light Tower

On-Board O2 Gas Generator Eliminates the Need for Separate Gas Supply

Packed Fume Scrubber

Process Temperature Control (Patented), 100ºF to 250ºF

Made in the U.S.A.

Facility Requirements


208V @ 60 Amps, 3 Phase, 5 Wire

Compressed Air Service

80-100PSI, 0.5CFM


Closed Loop Water Source