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Microelectromechanical Systems Industry

Microelectromechanical Plasma Surface Treatment

These systems are all around us. They power the airbag sensors in our cars, accelerometers in our cell phones, and many sensors in the aviation industry. These tiny systems mix electronics with physical sensors, and plasma cleaning is an indispensable step in ensuring the reliability of these life saving systems.

Plasma Etch, Inc. has a history of working with the microelectromechanical systems industry. We have worked with accelerometer, roll-over sensor, and air bag deployment sensor manufacturers in the automotive industry. We are committed to providing unparalleled plasma treatment solutions for every possible application. Some of these applications include:

Plasma Surface Treatment for Various IndustriesCleaning
Removes contaminants and residue from material surfaces
Plasma Bonding for Various IndustriesBonding
Facilitates the direct bonding of materials
Plasma Adhesion for Various IndustriesAdhesion
Prepares surfaces for coating, painting, etc.
Plasma Polymerization for Various IndustriesPolymerization
Enables polymerization via gaseous monomers
Plasma Activation for Various IndustriesActivation
Alters surface properties to create functional regions

Plasma Technology for the MEMS Industry

Our plasma systems are currently being used in the following areas for purposes such as plasma surface treatment, cleaning, etching, surface activation, and increasing manufacturability:

  • Accelerometers, Roll-Over Sensors, Air Bag Deployment Sensors, etc.
  • Device cleaning
  • Photoresist Descum
  • Stripping Materials (photoresist/BCB/etc.)
  • Etching Redistribution Lines
  • Contaminant Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Roughening
  • Chemical Bond Activation
  • Increase Wettability/Flow Uniformity