MK-II Vertical Industrial Plasma Cleaner

MK-II Vertical Plasma Desmear and Etchback System

The MK-II Vertical is a plasma desmear and etch back system designed to hang 18” by 24” printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a vertical position for maximum flexibility. The system is available in 6, 12, and 24 board configurations and can be customized to accommodate PCBs of any size.

Like all of our systems, the MK-II Vertical can be used as an isotropic plasma etcher or as plasma cleaner for surface activation and organics removal. The MK-II line of systems are also an excellent choice to prep PTFE (Teflon) surfaces for plating or removing carbon after laser drilling. Our patented process temperature control is included, creating the best uniformity available across the entire circuit board.

As with all of our systems, the MK-II Vertical provides consistent, repeatable results. Our computer control provides an easy to use graphical interface and can switch between tasks effortlessly.

Plasma is the most environmentally friendly way to etch circuit boards. We can remove drilling smear with no chemicals and very little environmental impact.

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