PE-200 Polymerization System

The PE-200 Polymerization System is a purpose built plasma deposition system based on our durable and reliable high frequency PE-200 plasma system. This system uses liquid monomer vapors in plasma to deposit a thin layer of material and create a hydrophobic surface, valuable before many manufacturing processes. It’s also useful to create a thin coating on electronic devices to prevent liquid and/or moisture from entering sensitive components.

The heated liquid monomer vapor delivery system is integrated into the PE-200's computer controlled gas delivery system to provide class-leading reliability and repeatability. All aspects of the plasma deposition delivery are controlled seamlessly by our fully automated software, providing a simple experience for the user.

This system delivers uniform plasma deposition by utilizing heated mass flow controllers(MFCs) and heated gas lines. Standard MFCs are also available for plasma generation. As well as being able to perform plasma polymerization, this system is able to perform all the functions of a standard PE-200 such as cleaning, surface activation, and even etching! All PE-200 plasma systems feature 13.56 MHz plasma with automatic matching networks.

Plasma polymer deposition is the most environmentally friendly way to create a hydrophobic surface.

As with all of our systems, the polymerization series plasma systems provide consistent and repeatable results. Our computer controlled systems feature an easy to use graphical interface and can switch between tasks effortlessly.

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