PE-50 Benchtop Plasma Cleaning System

PE-50 Compact Benchtop Plasma Cleaning System

The PE-50 is a feature packed, low cost, entry level option for plasma treatment. It's a robust machine that is perfect for small production facilities, research labs, universities, or any industry which needs a small-scale, cost-effective plasma treatment solution.

This unit can use up to two gases simultaneously and excels at research level plasma cleaning and surface modification.

If you are looking for a fully automated solution, our PE-50 Venus plasma cleaning system combines the high value of the PE-50 with fully automated processing. The Venus system includes the same laptop control found on our larger systems.

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Standard Features

Electrode Configuration

One or Two Horizontal (5"Wx6"D)


200W 20-80KHz Auto Frequency Tuning with Adjustable Pulsing Rate

Gas Control

Two 0-25cc/min Rotometers with Precision Needle Valves

Control System

PLC-Based Keypad Input System with Alphanumeric Display; Stores One Recipe for Automatic Process Sequencing

Vacuum Gauge

1-2000 mT

Vacuum Pump

5CFM 2-Stage Direct Drive Oil Pump (Oxygen Service – Krytox Charged)

Chamber Material

6061-T6 Aluminum

Chamber Dimensions


Unit Dimensions


Unit Weight


Vacuum Pump Weight


Made in the U.S.A.

Note: High frequency units may have larger external dimensions, so check with your sales rep if your space is limited.

Optional Features

All compact benchtop systems can be thoroughly customized with a wide range of features including:

MHz Power Supplies

Higher watt/frequency power supplies

PC-based Control System

For fully automatic system control, multi-step process sequencing, multiple recipe storage, data logging/trending, events/alarms, etc.

Dry Vacuum Pump

For more control over the process chamber pressure

Chamber and Vacuum Pump Purge Systems / Air Dryer / Purge Gas Generator

To ensure thorough removal of contaminants from operating equipment, providing uniformity and increasing longevity

Additional Gas Inputs/Rotometers

Allows for more complex process gas combinations

Digital Mass Flow Controllers

Provides digital automation and monitoring of process gases

Light Tower

For easy visualization of the steps of the plasma processing sequence

Facility Requirements


120VAC / 60Hz @ 15A or 220VAC / 50Hz @ 14A