PE-5000 Large Scale Plasma Treatment System

The PE-5000 is a large plasma treatment system ideal for cleaning and activating large or bulky parts. The removable, adjustable height shelves hold up to 100lbs each.

All PE-5000 systems include Plasma Etch's easy to use PC control system. A graphical user interface displays the status of the system at all times while allowing unlimited recipe storage, historical logging with a calendar feature, and more.

Available with front and back doors to allow inline treatment, this system was designed to plasma clean and activate nearly any size product.

The PE-5000 is an excellent choice for clean room settings.

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Standard Features

Electrode Configuration

Vertical electrode design


Fully adjustable and removable shelves. 100 lbs per shelf load rating


5000 Watt RF Generator - 40 KHz

Gas Control

Two 0-5000cc Mass Flow Controllers with Low Gas Source Alarm

Control System

PC-based Control System for fully automatic system control, multi-step process sequencing, multiple recipe storage, data logging/trending, events/alarms with calendar

Vacuum Pump

2600 CFM Pump and Blower

Vacuum Gauge

1-2000 mT

Chamber Material

6061-T6 Aluminum

Unit Dimensions

90" Tall x 89" Wide x 63" Deep

Made in the U.S.A.

Optional Features

Most systems can be customized with a wide range of options including:

Custom Sized Vacuum Chamber, Number/Size of Electrodes

To ensure your system is able to specifically meet your throughput requirements

Temperature Control System

To maintain specific temperatures in the processing chamber for enhanced uniformity and application-specific needs

Dry and Oil-Driven Vacuum Pumps and Blower Boosters

A variety of vacuum pump options for more control over the process chamber pressure

Chiller System for Dry Vacuum Pump

Necessary for the operation of a dry vacuum pump

Chamber and Vacuum Pump Purge Systems / Air Dryer / Purge Gas Generator

To ensure thorough removal of contaminants from operating equipment, providing uniformity and increasing longevity

Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Eliminator

Captures oil from vacuum pump exhaust

Vacuum Pump Oil Filtration

Filters the vacuum pump oil down to a 3 micron level which increases the longevity of the oil and the vacuum pump

Automatic Vacuum Control

Provides automation of the process chamber pressure

Additional Digital Mass Flow Controllers

Provides digital automation and monitoring of process gases

Software Configurable Gas Steering Matrix

Designed to allow for up to 5 process gas inputs; 3 are selectable at any time by software driven controls

Low Gas-Source Alarm

Notification for when your process gas container needs replenished

Light Tower

For easy visualization of the steps of the plasma processing sequence

Fume Scrubber

To eliminate hazardous fumes/contaminants from the chamber/vacuum pump exhaust

Facility Requirements


120/208 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 50-100Amps, 3 Phase, 5 Wire

Compressed Air Service

80-100PSI, 1 CFM

Regulated Process Gases


Closed Loop Chilled Water Source

Cooling Water Source for RF Generator @ 2GPM