What is Plasma Polymerization?

Plasma polymerization is a process used to increase the hydrophobicity of rubber or plastic products or films.

Polymerization of Rubber
Polymerization is often used to prevent debris from sticking to rubber during the manufacturing process.
We are able to increase hydrophobicity of many silicons, rubbers and plastics to prevent them from sticking together during further production steps.

Considered by many to be the “green” alternative, plasma is more environmentally friendly than other methods of increasing hydrophobicity. Plasma has been used to create surfaces that repel water; we have measured contact angles up to 165 degrees.

Plasma does not require the use of harsh chemicals. This protects not only our environment but also your staff since they are not required to handle any chemicals for the plasma process.

To start, we use an RF source to generate plasma which allows us to increase the hydrophobicity of a plastic or rubber, resulting in plasma polymerization.

The advantages of plasma treatment over other methods have resulted in a recent surge of interest in plasma. The variety of chemical and mechanical properties of polymers formed with our process allows us to apply this technology to many different industries and products. Today we have only scratched the surface of this technology’s potential.

Our Process

By using a heated liquid monomer vapor delivery system in plasma, we are able to increase the hydrophobicity of a surface, preventing items from sticking together during further production. Plasma Etch provides plasma services on a contract basis to many industries looking to improve the wettability and usefulness of their products. Our process is useful on many rubber and silicon products.


Deposition of functionalized plasma polymer films was first demonstrated in 1982; just two short years after Plasma Etch was founded. These plasma functionalized processes are still used not only for creating hydrophobic coatings but also as a method of improving the biocompatibility of biological implants.

The useful potential of functional plasma polymers is being utilized by industries such as water treatment, hospital care for burn victims, and other large wound injuries.

Technologies such as micro channel coating, nano-patterning, and microencapsulation customers have used functionalized plasma polymers to improve the quality of their products.

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If you are looking to treat your products in house, we offer a variety of vacuum and atmospheric plasma systems. Our BT-Tumbler is especially useful for treating a large number of small products.

If you are interested in the environmental, financial, and safety benefits of using plasma polymerization for your products, click on live chat or call us at 775-883-1336.

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