Innovations and Milestones

Over the years, Plasma Etch, Inc. has developed many exciting innovations and experienced many milestones. Once a small plasma service provider, Plasma Etch, Inc. is now an industry leader that manufactures and distributes plasma systems throughout the world.

Early 1980 - Developed our first plasma system to support our contract plasma service business

Late 1980 - Opened our doors to provide contract plasma services to the circuit board industry

1987 - Invented TRUE plasma process temperature control technique which produces a consistent temperature throughout the entire plasma sequence and is controlled completely independent of the plasma process

1988 - Moved to a larger facility in Huntington Beach, California, USA

1989 - Began selling our first computer controlled plasma systems

1992 - Invented electrostatic shielding which helps generate a high energy, uniform plasma across the electrode surface

1994 - Invented the PE-1000 conveyorized inline plasma system

1996 - Developed automated robotic loading/unloading system

1996 - Moved to a custom built factory in Carson City, Nevada, USA

1997 - Invented the MK-III plasma blind-via drilling system

1998 - Invented the TT-1 turn table plasma system, allowing in-magazine plasma treatment of ball grid array strips

2000 - Invented the PE-2000R reel to reel / roll to roll plasma system

2003 - Enhanced design and function of the BT-1 tumbler etcher

2004 - Developed Windows based programming for computer control and touch screen capabilities in the PE-200 and the BT-1

2005 - Developed the benchtop model PE-100

2010 - Developed the benchtop model PE-50

2012 - Developed the Magna series which requires no CF4 for operation

2015 - Entered the atmospheric plasma market, ultimately offering the Plasma Wand and the Atmospheric Plasma System

2016 - Released the gasless Mark II featuring our Magna technology - no CF4 required for operation

2018 - Developed the Polymerization Line of the PE-100, PE-200, and BT-1 systems, enabling plasma coating of substrates with Plasma Etch's patented uniformity