What is Plasma Etching?

Plasma Etching is the removal of plastic, silicon, or other non-metallic material using plasma created by exciting ions in a gas, usually oxygen and CF4. The excited ions collide with the material at the atomic level and remove it without the need for chemical etchants.

We work hard to provide superior plasma etching solutions for virtually all applications, and we’re proud to say that we have some of the most effective systems in the industry. Controlling ion density, electron temperature, and the plasma potential are of the utmost importance for ensuring a uniform etching process.

Plasma Etching
Plasma Etched PCB Board
To achieve this uniformity, we incorporate several key technological patents (electrostatic shielding, temperature control, etc) that ensure optimum results.

Whether you’re in need of etch back, desmearing, descumming, surface treatment, plasma polymerization, plasma ashing, or any other plasma etching application, we’ve got a plasma treatment system that will take care of your needs.

We have both conventional etching systems as well as reactive ion etching systems that are built-to-order and can be thoroughly customized. Companies depend on our plasma treatment systems to deliver fast, high quality etching, mitigate plasma damage, and provide unparalleled uniformity.

Many of our plasma etching machines are used for dry etching on a daily basis.

Our technology is currently being used in industry for the etching of:

Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits

Customize Your System

We work hands-on with our clients to provide the most effective machinery for their applications. Our objective is to be able to provide affordable plasma processing solutions for every task.

We build a wide range of plasma etching systems to ensure that your size and volume requirements are covered. Most of our base platforms can be configured and customized specifically to the customer’s individual needs. Please contact us or browse our systems page to find a system that suits your needs.

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